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Christian Maldonado | Project Return Peer Support Network

Christian Maldonado

Christian Maldonado was born and raised in San Diego and graduated with an MSW from USC.

He has over 23 years of professional experience in the field of social services and mental health. Currently, he works for Mental Health America of Los Angeles, as a Trainer & Field Support Specialist but his work experience ranges from promoting careers in the mental health field to underrepresented youth, to working as a therapist with low income, immigrant children and families.

Christian is passionate about a number of themes including immigrant rights, the role of culture and recovery, and the education of students entering the field of mental health.

He has volunteered with PRPSN’s Un Paso Mas program, often being the key presenter at their quarterly community education sessions that are attended by more than 200 Spanish-speaking participants. Given his experience working with participants and staff from Project Return he was honored and excited to join the board in May of 2017.