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Project Return Peer Support Network
Taking Charge Together!

As we enhanced our program, we developed a number of core values about recovery, self-help, empowerment and equality.

Our values include:


We hold the belief that things can get better.  We never give up and we educate people that no matter how bad things seem, if you take one step at a time, things will change for the better.


We enhance personal growth and inner strength while motivating, inspiring and guiding ourselves and peers into action.  We encourage others to reach their full potential by allowing them to find their inner strength.


We practice honesty at all times - personally and professionally.  We operate using moral judgement, character and leaderships values and do things in a fashion of respect and professionalism.


We believe that individuals who have suffered from mental health challenges can go on to lead successful fulfilling lives. We see individuals grow when they seek out information and utilize the resources offered. Individuals regain their sense of self by taking control of the things which previously seemed beyond their control.


Regardless of our job title, we are all equal and thus treat each other with dignity and respect. We respect the validity of every individual’s experiences, thoughts, opinions, and feelings, even if they are different than our own.