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Project Return Peer Support Network
Taking Charge Together!

The Community Integration Program was created 15 years ago with the goal of expanding peer support and support groups for consumers in more restrictive living environments‚Äč. CIP reaches out to clients in IMDs, board and cares, hospitals, and jails.

In addition to starting peer support clubs inside the variety of restrictive environments our peer mentors encourage individuals to identify community based housing options that might serve them when they leave institutions; help prepare individuals to move into their housing choices; connect individuals to existing local self-help and other recreational/social activities; and provide support and training in important life skills such as active listening, interpersonal communication, self-advocacy, crisis intervention, and stress reduction.

To add a peer support group to your facility feel free to contact us at:

Narcisa Gallardo
(323) 346-0960

For assistance or more Information:

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