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Project Return Peer Support Network
Taking Charge Together!

Project Return Public Policy Positions:  

As peers, we believe that it is important be a voice on issues that impact us.  We filter our advocacy through a lens of supporting choice and opposing forced treatment or more restrictions.  

PRPSN Supports the Following Legislation:

AB 1178 Irwin bill to address easier access to medications for recepients of Medi-Cal. Read the bill here:  AB 1178 here

AB 1178 OpEd written by Guyton Colantuono.  Read here: AB 1178 here

AB 988 AKA the Miles Hall LIfeline Act calls for a continuum of services that are wellness, resiliency, and recovery oriented.  Read here:  AB988

PRPSN Opposes the Following Legislation: 

AB 1340 expands the definition of gravely disabled that makes it easier to write a 72 hour hospitalization hold.  Read here:  AB 1340

Advocacy Projects

PRPSN is a proud partner of the Lived Experience Advocacy and Diversity Project headed by the California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organizations. Save the date for the Peer Statewide Conference 2021 August 16 & 17 in Sacramento. More information here: