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Project Return Peer Support Network
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Theresa Nguyen | Project Return Peer Support Network

Theresa Nguyen

Theresa Nguyen | Project Return Peer Support Network

Theresa currently works as the Vice President of Policy and Programs for Mental Health America (MHA). Her policy and program efforts focus on prevention, early intervention, empowerment through education, and building a full recovery-oriented mental health system of care.

Theresa is a LCSW with more than 13 years of experience in mental health as a clinician, educator, and advocate.

Theresa joined the Project Return Peer Support Network’s Board to support its efforts to build a consumer based mental health workforce, to be a source of safety and support for individuals living with mental illness, and to address the needs of underserved communities.

Theresa grew up in Los Angeles in a Vietnamese American family of refugees. She is interested in mental health because of her personal and family experiences with depression, anxiety, psychosis, and addiction.