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Project Return Peer Support Network
Taking Charge Together!
Guyton Colantuono | Project Return Peer Support Network

Guyton Colantuono
Executive Director
(661) 406-9780 Work/Office

Guyton Colantuono | Project Return Peer Support Network

Guyton has over 25 years of experience working in mental health and leading a variety of programs ranging from Homeless Outreach Programs, Dual Recovery Services, Transitional Age Youth Program, Adult and Older Adult Services along with Employment Program and Homeless Shelters.

In 2014 he became the Executive Director of Project Return Peer Support Network and a member of the Board in 2017. Since joining PRPSN, Guyton has implemented a staff developed Strategic Plan that seeks to 1) Increase community visibility and connections 2) Empowers PRPSN’s Members 3) Increases Communication Between Staff and 4) Focuses on individuals during their re-entry to the community following incarceration.  Additional accomplishments include establishing PRPSN as a Legal Entity with LACDMH and becoming an MHA National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS) Training Partner.

Guyton is the 2007 CASRA Manager Hope Award Recipient of the Year and has been featured on Channel 11 news with Aidan Pickering and PBS for overseeing AB34 funded homeless outreach programs.

He currently sits on the California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organization’s Board and California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies. In his spare time he volunteers for the Castaic Sports Complex as a youth soccer, basketball and flag football coach, enjoys cooking spending time with his wife and two boys.